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Electronic and industrial spun yarn

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Changshu Hong Feng Fiberglass Product Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu, China
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Main Products: Glass fiber yarn, Glass fiber cloth, Glass fiber composite cloth
Model No.: Hongfeng-a6 Place of Origin: China Packing: Tray

Glass fiber electronic and industrial spun yarn

product description:

Glass fiber spun yarn products are divided into first-staple spun yarn, crepe spun yarn, expanded spun yarn and direct spun yarn. Hundreds of glass fiber strands are twisted once, called the first twisted yarn, and two or more primary twisted yarns are combined and twisted by secondary twisting. The plurality of primary twisted yarns can be processed by parallel plying. The ply yarn, the first twisted yarn, the twisted yarn, the plied spun yarn or the roving can be processed into a bulked yarn by puffing, and the spun yarn without the twisting process, and the appearance is the same as the direct yarn, which is called direct spun yarn.

The electronic yarn is finally used for printed circuit boards of electronic components.

Industrial yarns are used in industrial fabrics such as fire curtains, timing belts, casings, etc.

Single Yarn

产品类型Product Code(English System)纱线密度Density (Tex)重量Net Weight(Kg/Bobbin)纤维直径Filament Diameter(um)
EC DE150 1/0 0.7Z343.636
EC DE75 1/0 0.7Z683.6/4.5/7.46
EC DE37 1/0 0.7Z1363.526
EC E110 1/0 1.0Z457.277
EC E225 1/0 1.0Z22.56.507
EC G150 1/0 0.7Z(0.5Z)343.629
EC G75 1/0 1.0Z(0.5Z)688.6/3.6/4.099
EC G67 1/0 0.7Z748.19
EC G37 1/0 0.7Z(0.5Z)1368.69
EC G25 1/0 0.7Z2047.59

 Plied Yarn

产品类型Product Code(English System)纱线密度Density (Tex)重量Net Weight(Kg/Bobbin) 纤维直径Filament Diameter(um)
EC 4-34*1*3 S150(S120)101.13.64
EC 4-34*1*6 S150(S120)202.23.64
EC 5-11*1*2 S18022.41.815
EC 5-11*1*3 S18033.62.015
EC 6-34*1*2 S100683.66
EC 6-34*1*4 S1001363.66
EC 6-68*1*2 S112(S152)1363.66
EC 6-136*1*2 S112(S152)2723.66
EC 6-136*1*3 S112(S152)4083.66
EC 6-136*1*4 S112(S152)5443.66
EC 7-22*1*2 S100(S152)453.67
EC 7-22*1*3 S100(S152)67.53.67
EC 9-34*1*3 S100(S112)(S152)1023.69
EC 9-34*1*4 S100(S112)(S152)1363.69
EC 9-68*1*3 S100(S112)(S152)2063.69


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